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Sun IT Systems International, formerly known as Al Maghderi?s IT Division, has been one of the pioneers in the information technology field in Oman. Established in 1999, Sun IT Systems International has been growing tremendously in terms of new customers and products and services portfolio. The division has now branched out into multiple areas of IT activities to meet the various requirements of customers and businesses.

We can cater to a range of customers? needs ranging from simple IT solutions and systems to complex networking requirements as we have sourced out the latest technologies and offerings from reputed international brands and service providers. All these are guaranteed to increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Our skilled technical team is trained to provide real time onsite support to our implementations anywhere.
Apart from pre-sales demonstrations, we also provide training and prompt after-sales support to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

We offer the following IT products:

Barcode & RFID Solutions

Barcode Consumables: Retail, cargo, asset and shelf barcode labels and barcode ribbons.

Barcode scanners/ readers: Symbol; Datalogic; and Metrologic Scanners

Barcode Printers: ARGOX; Zebra; and CAB Label Printers

Portable Data Terminals: Datalogic; Teklogix; and Symbol PDT?s.

ID Card Solutions: Datacard; Fargo and Zebra ID Card Printers; Badge Maker Software; ID Cards and Ribbons.

Business Intelligence Software Solutions:
At Sun IT Systems International we have developed customised enterprise resource softwares called Sun Genius Solutions for various individual requirements of companies. Some of the solutions we provide are Financial Accounting System integrated with inventory control; POS ? point of sales system solutions; Asset Management system; Warehouse Management system; Property Management and Maintenance system; Personnel and payroll management system; Customer relation management system (CRM); Document management system and many more?

Sun Genius Solutions is the Business Intelligence System Software for any Organisation with the ability to comprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.

Sun Genius Solutions has been developed with a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information to enable an organisation get incisive operational insights and take effective and strategic decisions.

Sun Genius Solutions includes technologies like data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master data management, text and content analytics, and similar others that the market demands from any Information Management system.

For example, the Sun Genius Market is a comprehensive software solution for Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets ranging from order-processing to Point-of-Sales (POS) systems and customer care. Sun Genius Market can manage inventory, automate accounting to a variety of currencies from around the globe, maintain perfect customer service records and manage distribution networks.

Sun Genius Solutions facilitates the effective implementation of strategic and operational goals. Using Sun Genius Solutions, instead of a spreadsheet based recording system, will definitely give you a significant return on investment through a range of direct and indirect sales benefits and operational efficiency benefits by utilising the latent potential of every resource in your organisation.
Many of the features of Sun Genius Solutions (including advanced customisation and extremely scalable databases) enable end-users to have open connectivity with any compatible Third Party Systems and are suitable even for small businesses as they can open-up in multiple locations or grow in size.

Cutting edge communication technology is used for the Client?s corporate network to have access and share secured data from remote locations. This is done through transmission to a Central Monitoring/ Control Point with industry standard network protocols without compromising the ?Core Business? data.

Network Services:
We can establish an intranet that allows you to disseminate internal information instantly to all your employees, streamline scheduling using a network calendar server, as well as share files and back-up critical data in a file server. We can customise the internet to your business in a safe and secured manner. Moreover, your employees can have e-mail accounts and instant access to the Internet as a research tool.

Web Solutions:
Our talented team of Network consultants can get your Business online in quick time using our complete high-end web development services. From visual conception to e-commerce to database driven websites, Sun IT can bring your business alive on the web through the following verticals:

? Business 2 Business (B2B) Sites: Provide customers end-to-end independent B2B E-commerce solutions for conducting business on the web. Our IBIS (Internet Business Information System) can also provide B2B solutions using industry standard toolkits from IBM and Microsoft.

? Business 2 Consumer (B2C) Sites: We have the capability to design and implement B2C sites for companies which want to use the internet to market their products and services to end-users. Most notably, we have a product that can be quickly customised to suit your needs.

? Generic and Industry Portals: These can be web portals that are useful to attract visitors who are interested in a common subject or commodity. We can design and implement generic and industry-specific portals using ?Portal ware?, a powerful tool for portal development and content management.

? Electronic Catalogues: Companies today have an option to prepare electronic catalogues of their entire suite of products and services. These e-catalogues can be uploaded on the web or stored on CD and used as effective mass marketing communication tools. Our expert in-house design team can produce these high quality e-catalogues using relevant software.

? Web-based Marketing and Advertising: No web strategy is complete without charting out an effective media plan. We can collaborate with you to prepare an effective web and non-web based marketing and advertising plan to attract visitors to your site.

? Web Hosting Services: Sun IT has its own state-of-the-art and extremely reliable Web Hosting Infrastructure located in the US to provide companies the facility to host their websites at extremely competitive prices. We have already hosted a large number of leading companies on our servers.

Web Solutions for Corporate branding:

? High Impact websites:
We can design eye popping websites with the latest tools that are available in the market. We have a proven track record in this area as our team has built such websites for a variety of high-profile customers.

? Multimedia:
Our company has one of the best multi-media creative teams in the business. We can incorporate a variety of media and content including video, photography, data, music and animations to produce a number of media formats suitable for internet or use as compact discs etc.

Security Systems & Solutions:
We can provide electrical solutions for time and attendance administration as well as for access control using proximity cards, smart cards and biometrics.

We offer the most modern CCTV Systems coupled with digital storage, intruder alarms and central monitoring systems.

Our anti-shop lifting systems (electrical article surveillance system) can be installed in a variety of locations like retail stores, department stores and libraries.

Retail Supermarket Systems:
We have a wide range of electronic systems for supermarkets. These include Point of Sales (POS) systems, weighing scales, pricing machines consumables such as pricing labels, scale labels, barcode labels and POS paper rolls for printing bills.



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